The Power of East Joining the West

Eastern Martial Arts is a range of practises and traditions that originated in the ancient cultures of Asia and developed for a variety of reasons such as self-defence, competition, as well as mental, physical and spiritual health.

Western Intuitive Therapy is a sense of finding inner peace creating a balanced space of nurturing and healing. Finding an optimal sense of peace within allows life to flow in a more positive way.

So what happens when you put them together? 

Dan Black has done just that and developed the Powercode Therapy program.

“I started working with troubled teens several years ago with martial arts focusing on their life issues, drugs, alcohol, anger issues, bullying and depression and by experimenting with various breathing techniques combined with various power movement noticed a remarkable reaction,” said Dan.

Eastern and Western philosophies are the foundation of Powercode Therapy. The unique program allows a sub conscious recoding platform to take effect. This is combined with components such as 'Power Movement', 'Power Breathing' and 'Power Visualisation' as well as meshing the classical elements being water, air, fire and earth.

Powercode Therapy empowers people to manage 'emotional issues' such as stress, anxiety, anger, depression and addictions. This can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm, conflict, family breakdown and bullying.

Developed over three years from a life time of experience in Martial Arts and Intuitive Therapy, many have found success with the treatment. Claire who suffered problems in her relationship said, “Since my second child was born three years ago I started to feel belittled and not listen to by my husband. He talks over me in an aggressive way and often yells at the kids. After four sessions of Powercode Therapy my self-esteem is healthier and I use the techniques to assist with my anxiety and depression.”

Dan said, “You will learn to take control over the challenging concerns that negatively affect your emotional, mental and physical state.” He has effectively empowered people with drug and alcohol addictions, health and fitness issues, childhood trauma and family dysfunction through the program.

Powercode Therapy has helped young children with learning and bullying challenges, homeless people, as well as people experiencing drug, eating and gambling addictions. 

Barry who was suffering from drug addiction said, “I smoked the drug ice several times a day for a period of about 4 years. I stayed awake for three and four days at a time. I lost all my friends and alienated my family. Dan has worked with me whilst pioneering the Powercode Therapy program and I'm now 14 months clean, eat and sleep well and work out each week.”

Most of us at times in our lives are made to feel stressed or anxious and this reaction can lead to anger, depression, disappointment, indignation, jealously or simply sadness.

“Typically, people are programmed to manage these situations in a habitual, routine manner with fairly standard, predictable outcomes. You will learn to take control over the challenging concerns that negatively affect your emotional, mental and physical state,” said Dan. “As you embrace Powercode Therapy into your life you will experience a fabulous sense of empowerment.”

Dan will be releasing a book next year as well as conducting a series of seminars in Australia and overseas. For further information on venues and dates, visit

A workshop for the homeless next Tuesday 1st Dec will be held with 'Homeless of Melbourne' at 'Homie' Store Melbourne Central. 

Supported by Damm Fine Food, the aim of the workshop is to effectively empower some of Melbourne’s most needy and disadvantaged homeless people with some valuable life tools and provide an opportunity for them to feel worthwhile, more in control and offer them a sense of direction and purpose.