Powercode Therapy Book Foreword

By Charles B. Kovess LL.B. (Hons), LL.M., CSP, MAICD

Australasia’s Passion Provocateur
Author of Passionate People Produce, and Passionate Performance.

Welcome to Dan Black’s set of tools that are capable of recoding your life issues!

And I tell you most solemnly: if you can re-code the past experiences of your life that presently block your progress, then your life will change.

This book will be an important part of your own toolbox of life. All of us need toolboxes when we need to fix something, or change something, or redesign something, or repurpose something. What Dan teaches you could be just the tool you now need to help you successfully take the next steps in your life. If not now, then some time in the future. Or this book might just be what your life partner or children need.

For over 20 years, I have been working in the field of world-class human performance, specifically by focusing on passion and how passion powers performance. Everyone has passion, but the tragedy of life is that most people do not pursue their passion! When you discover and pursue passion, what used to be difficult becomes easy. What was confusing and unclear becomes clear. So why don’t most people do what they are passionate about? The answer is varied, but I am highly confident that Powercode Therapy contains a set of tools to remove some of the reasons that block the pursuit of passion.
I will give you some examples.
People are blocked from pursuing their passion and becoming as successful as they might be through:
Fear of failure - this book will help you remove this fear. 

Fear of rejection - this book will help you overcome this fear.
Beliefs of being undeserving - this book will help you remove such unhelpful beliefs. 

Belief that there is no point searching for passion, because of likely failure - this book will help you change such beliefs.

Your mind is a wonderful tool, but it can be a shocking master. It comprises the conscious part and the sub-conscious part. In my work as an educator, speaker and coach, I relentlessly focus on sharing an understanding of how the mind works and how to make it a tool, not a master. The problem is that the fears and doubts and beliefs that are blocking you are sitting in your subconscious mind, and yelling at your subconscious to change will not do anything.
On top of that, your subconscious can handle many millions of pieces of information per second, whilst your conscious mind can handle 40 items at most. In other words, your subconscious is exceedingly powerful.

This book and the tools that Dan shares will help you get access in an effective and meaningful way to your subconscious, so you can create the change that you want. Remove the fears. Remove the doubts. Remove the beliefs.
Dan’s work, as described in the book, is extensive and well-based in contemporary of how we function as human beings. It is consistent with the understandings that I have of the human condition, of philosophy, of what life is about, and addressing the crucial question of the purpose of human existence. When you work out why you are on this wonderful planet,
thereby discovering your life purpose, everything will change for you. Dan’s clinical experiences, wisdom and knowledge that he shares will be useful in taking you on the steps to this wonderful state of life.

This book will help you to be less confused on what work to do!  

If Dan’s tools resonate for the particular problem you are seeking to solve, then use them. He makes it clear for you when and how to use the tools in clear and simple and usable language. His worksheets reinforce the process, so your confusion is less and your confidence is increased.

I recommend this book, and I congratulate Dan on the life journey that has brought him to the wisdom and knowledge that he shares with you. I hope millions of people read this book and then teach their children to use the tools so that our planet’s future is positively impacted in a big, big way!

Finally, to you the reader, I urge you to discover and pursue your passion. The world needs it!

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