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Powercode Therapy is a leading-edge personal development system utilizing effective Power Movement, Breathing and Visualisation techniques combined with Key Cognitive Behavioural concepts.

Powercode Therapy is both innovative and dynamic in its approach to successfully managing 'life issues'.

It empowers people who experience :

1. "Emotional Issues" such as stress, anxiety, anger, depression and addictions. 

2. "Relationship Crisis" targeting partner conflict, conflict with children, parents or siblings and employment conflict.

3. "Financial Issues" focusing on career, money and debt.

4. "Life Issues" including health, self-esteem, motivation and physical, psychological and cyber bullying.

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With over thirty years experience as a Martial Arts practitioner, as well as effectually helping people as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Dan has paired his knowledge of the two to create an extremely simple yet powerful treatment.

Dan has effectively empowered people with drug and alcohol addictions, health and fitness issues, childhood trauma and family dysfunction through the Powercode Therapy System.

A specifically designed program empowering early teens to young adults is also offered, dealing with issues including: headaches, stress, anxiety, anger, depression, peer pressure, self-esteem, drug and alcohol, self-harm, health and well-being, relationship conflict, bereavement, motivation, family breakdown and physical, psychological and cyber bullying. Dan has worked conclusively within this sector since 2012.

In 1987 Dan introduced his Self Defence programs into the Victorian Education System, empowering some several thousand students.

As a single parent with twin five year olds.. Dan has shared his insightful Powercode Therapy 'parenting techniques' with great effect to many parents in need.

Dan offers private counselling, group sessions and stages regular seminar/workshops on a national and international basis. 

Powercode Therapy Helps the Homeless.